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 Takara Nakayama

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PostSubject: Takara Nakayama   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:24 pm

Takara first appeared in the BT universe quite spontaneously, then steadily became an important figure. We know her present, possibly her future, but what about her past?

Takara Nakayama was born in the state of California to Japanese-American parents. Her dual ethnicity gave her Asian discipline and concern for community, as well as Western individuality and street smarts as she grew older. Shortly after she was born, the doctors had diagnosed her with an odd genetic mutation that turned her naturally black hair violet as it was exposed to the sun, causing the her hair to grow naturally violet as Takara grew up. Aside from her odd hair color, Takara was a normal girl who went to a normal Californian public school and high school. She had a moderate number of close friends, excelled in history and language, was on almost every varsity team, and somehow avoided gaining the valley girl accent of the California teeny-boppers as well as any interest at all in the image-centered plastic culture. Almost all her life, she was surrounded by girls. Girls of all types were unexplainably drawn to her. Perhaps it was out of curiosity because of her violet hair and ethnicity, or her fame from being on the basketball, volleyball, and women's track and field teams, or her cheerful and laid back attitude did the trick. Or maybe it was her boyish look and aura that brought all the girls to her yard.

When Takara was 12 and a half years old, her father left the family and returned to Japan. News came shortly after that he had been having an affair with a Japanese woman over the span of three years and finally decided to leave and go to her. Takara's mother was understandably devastated and had to shoulder all of the expenses the family had. She pushed her purple-haired daughter even harder to finish with her academics so that she would be able to find a good paying career and support herself as soon a possible, and was accelerated a few grades in school because of it. Takara unconsciously stepped into the "male role" of the family after her father left, gradually taking an interest in firearms, vehicles, the military, and more sports and fighting than an average pre-adolescent girl should. Throughout her high school life, she was one of the guys, albeit with female parts and a fan base comprised of all girls.

After graduating high school, Takara wanted to enlist in the army. She had the desire to help the country but did not want to do it through tedious community service. The recruiters at the base were impressed with her discipline and work ethic, and let her join immediately. She took waking up excruciatingly early and 100 push-ups, 50 curl-ups, 20 laps around the field, agonizingly long hours of arms lessons and vehicular maintenance, and going to bed aching and exhausted everyday without any complaints. The only problem the officers in the army had with her was her oddly colored hair. They once demanded that she at least dye her hair a more natural color, but Takara explained that one time when she tried it before, her hair only turned a darker shade of violet. Purple hair aside, Takara rose through the ranks and quickly became the youngest female lieutenant in the army. The only problem was that she felt that she was losing her individuality and will power. Sure, independent thinking was important in the military, especially when it came to firing what part of what enemy when told, but as a person, Takara felt like she was dying. And so, in the middle of the night after a particularly uneventful week, Takara packed what casual clothes she had and used her natural athletic ability and military training to jump the barrack's walls and run away to freedom. If the army ever caught her, she would be court martial'd and tried with desertion for sure. So, Takara reasoned, she shouldn't get caught.

It took a while, but she finally managed to make it to Jump City on her 18th birthday. No one paid her much attention and her life remained pretty ordinary until she met Vincent. Her life took a confusing turn after she met Mai, Acheron, and became a part of the Enforcers. Even after being internationally known, the military still did not come to take her away. Takara never really paid much mind as to why, but decided to leave the subject and enjoy life. 10 years and several missions, a sex scandal, a lesbian relationship, and complete and utter heartbreak later, Takara found herself walking away from the ruins of M.A.C, one of the Enforcers greatest adversaries, with a rifle hanging from her shoulder and no where to go. Or at least that was what she thought at the time.

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PostSubject: Re: Takara Nakayama   Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:32 pm

Woah, you put a bit of thought into this eh? I really like it when my characters are mentioned in other peoples profiles Very Happy

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Takara Nakayama
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