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 Dimensonal Drifter

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Tainted Soul

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PostSubject: Dimensonal Drifter   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:36 pm

(I really want to keep working on this so I'm re-posting the first chapter)
"My name is Curiosita Millamachi, some how long ago I got lost and now I'm going through dimensions like a--a dimensional drifter. I spend my time saving people from various dangers 'cause it's fun... Oh! Also I may or may not be entirely human, but! If you can get past all of that I could sure use your help to save the world. So what do ya say?... You in?"


5 hours before his shift, 5 hours before he was even supposed to be there and Mister Manson already found himself roaming the fluorescent lit halls of Apollo Minerals. His increasingly lucrative company. But when news of Jeff Ashfords murder would reach his investors stocks would plummet but as powerful as Mister Manson was he still felt humanity was greater then monetary value. Especially when it was a good man like Jeff that had lost his life. Manson shook his head, clearing the cobwebs from his mind, in a time of crisis he had the responsibility to keep calm and in control. He entered the building's mess hall and was greeted by the stoic face of his chief security officer, Ivy Moore. Ivy was a small and square jawed woman. Her untamed raven curls were hidden beneath her helmet and as sweat dampened her pale, marble like skin small tendrils of hair has loosened and clung to her face. Ivy was a hardened woman and her face showed it, with out her black hair to soften her features, her face seemed to be all hard angles, and her forest green eyes were probing and intense as she stared at him. Manson wondered what she thought of him, he was much older at least 20 years or more and as hard as he tried time had still left it's mark upon him. His hazel eyes -which he hid behind his slender and sedulous glasses- had amassed a few character lines around them. Time had also stolen his once lustrous auburn hair which was now thinning towards inevitable baldness. The years had left their toll on him. The corners of Ivy's lips curled slightly upwards as she suppressed a smile, as tense as the situation was she couldn't help but feel some delight at Mister Manson's attire. She was so accustomed to seeing him parading around in the finest suits money could buy it was all she could picture him in, and yet here he was dawned in a red house coat that was held together by a matching piece of string loosely wrapped around his waist. She couldn't blame him, he was meant to be sleeping right now. But could he blame her for finding it so amusing?
"What happened?" he asked not caring for formalities, regardless of what she thought of him, Manson was still the one in charge. And his tone showed that. Ivy's body jolted and she felt her cheeks burn from embarrassment, she wished his voice didn't intimidate her so much, so was meant to be stronger then that.
"The camera in the rec room went down, by the time I got there to check it out I found this woman standing over Ashfords" Ivy responded after collecting herself. She gestured to the woman on the sitting on the far end of the room, who sat handcuffed to a steel chair which was bolted to the ground. Manson raised a curious eyebrow at her, his outfit was strange but hers was stranger then anyone else on the station. Everyone else wore black jump suits with name and occupation stitched across the left breast and white stripes trailing down the sides. The woman wore a bulky black and blue long leather coat with the arms removed, with a white muscle shirt beneath it. Her pants appeared to be sown together with different dark fabrics and reinforced with chains. Her boots resembled that of an military officer, they were tall and black reaching half way up her calves. To finish her look of a battered mercenary she had several brown leather cartridge carrying belts wrapped around her waist and torso. Manson turned his attention back from the woman to Ivy.
"Who is she?"
"I-I don't know. She has no I.D and won't say her name... I've got no idea how she even got in..." Ivy said sounding almost ashamed.
"How long till the police arrive?"
"Outside communication is down again. Jameson is fixing it but... We're not sure how long it'll take"
Mister Manson looked back at the woman who was now staring at her with a gleeful smile. Ivy looked back at her and scowled at her childlike demeanor, she showed no remorse for what she had done.
"Ivy, leave us" Manson said with a low growl in his throat, like an animal about to strike. Ivy sighed, she wasn't going to pick a fight with the man in charge, much less to protect a murder. After all this was the only job she could get now, she couldn't risk losing it.
"Okay but Mister Manson..." She paused, Ivy seemed unsure about herself "You should know something"
"Jeff's body looked well... It looked... Mummified sir"
"Mummified?" He said with some well deserved skepticism.
"Yes sir. He looked all dried up, I don't know how she did it but-look shes just dangerous so be careful" Ivy walked past him, knowing full well he wouldn't take her warning to heart, but what more could she do? Ivy paused as she reached for the door handle and he barley registered her murmured words of 'I'm sorry about Jeff sir' as she left. Manson froze, Jeff and he had grown up together in a small unnoticeable town in America. They would spend their summer holidays at the town's tranquil lake. Mister Manson recalled the races they had, the warm water rushing through his hair, his lungs burning from exhaustion as he begged his limbs to move faster, just once, just once he would beat Jeff. But when he finally came up for air he would always find Jeff would have already won. Jeff was the best. And it was no secret that Jeff Ashfords had his job from personal connections, but he did deserve it after all, Jeff was the best. Bam, bam, bam! The woman waved a cheerful hello to Mister Manson, the sound of her handcuff's banging against the arm of the steel chair brought him back to the present. Mister Manson furiously approached the table she sat at ans stood across from her, his knuckles whitening as he gripped the frame of the chair with rage. The woman only smirked, aloof to his fury. Every feature of her thin, sun kissed face presented arrogance as she smirked. Her sky blue oval eyes-that had been darkened by a thin line of eyeliner- squinted as her flushed, pronounced cheeks raised. Her heavily pointed eye brows lifted unevenly as her full rubicund lips curved into a crocked smile, which made the bridge of round button nose crease slightly. Mister Manson would have regarded her as attractive, were it not for the fact that he looked at her with a level of animosity to which had no end.
"Who are you?" He asked in a tone of hatred that was foreign to him.
Her smirk widened, show each of her opal teeth "Who are you?" She asked mocking his voice.
"I am Mister Manson, you killed an employee of mine and I think I deserve to know your name"
"Guess" The woman of mystery giggled ecstatically as Manson's hands shook with malice. The blow is so swift she doesn't see it coming. For a few seconds her body slumps forward and everything around her fades to darkness. Then she registers the sensations, the pain in her lower jaw, the warmth of the blood trailing down her lip as it falls leaving small read drops splattered on the table, and the enmity rampaging through her being. Mister Manson stares at his hands as if to make sure they are his. He had never struck anyone before, much less a woman. The woman regains herself and stares up with wild eyes of fury as she watches Mister Manson sitting across from him, his head in his hands as he is disgusted with himself. She sees him now, not as the ruthless tyrant she considered him, but as a man who has lost someone he cares for. She decides the game is no longer fun and sighs.
"Curiosita" He raises his head meeting with her now joyless eyes "My name's Curiosita and I didn't kill anyone"
"How did you get in?"
"Th-The...Door?" She says with confusion in her voice as if she herself hold no answer.
"This is the only station here! Where did you come from?"
"Yeah about that, I've been meaning to ask... Why are we on the moon?" Curiosita looks upwards through the glass ceiling towards the distant planet earth. A sight most people find breath taking, yet she acts as if it is as boring as a documentary. He wonders what sights would impress her and then questions why she is asking him why she is here.
"Don't you know where you are?"
"Sort of yes, but mostly no. The security girl's shirt said Apollo Minerals"
"Exactly! This is the Apollo Minerals! The first lunar mining company and the only station on the moon, I might add" He said, pleased with his accomplishments "Which is also why it's impossible for you to be here. No ship was detected ar-"
"What are you mining?" Curiosita asked, cutting him off as she stared at a flashing red light outside of the window.
"What does that matter?!" Manson shouted losing his patients.
"Oh there are several things that matter Mister Manson." She said with a gleeful tone. "Firstly that light means the trash is about to be emptied" Mister Manson looked over to the light curiously, trying to decipher what clue it held. "Secondly, you've neglected to notice that I've undone these handcuffs" Mister Manson could barley manage to look back at Curiosita with his mouth a gap, before she leaped onto the table cuffing his wrist to the arm of the chair just as she had been.
"Iv-" Curiosita wrapped her hand around his mouth smothering his cries for help
"Finally, glass ceilings are a dumb idea in space. Oh I know they said the glass was unbreakable when they sold it too you but they've never meet someone like me" She pulled from on of the capsules on one of her leather belts a small black device similar to that of a hand grenade. She held the grenade in triumph as if it were her trophy before tossing it into the air. The grenade stuck to the glass as small hooks released from the edges digging into the glass as it began to tremble.
"Breath deep. This will suck" Curiosita said with a grimace as she pulled her hand away from Manson's face. He thought of calling for Ivy but rather then waste time he did as his captor suggested, he breather deep and heard the inevitable shatter of glass. He felt his body being tugged upwards, only held in place by the handcuffs. Looking up he saw Curiosita ripped forward from the sudden exchange of pressure sending her through the broken glass and a drift in the void of space.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensonal Drifter   Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:05 pm

Oh yay! I was hoping you'd continue this.
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Tainted Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Dimensonal Drifter   Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:07 pm

15 The number is etched into the walls of her mind amongst the rampant thoughts, it’s how long she has before she loses consciousness from the lack of oxygen to her brain. In 30 seconds her bodily fluids will begin to lose heat energy rapidly as a result her body tissue would begin to expand and eventually kill her. 14 Though for Curiosita, this was not an option. She looked back down at Mister Manson as the metal emergency doors closed over the broken glass, part of him wanted to watch her suffer but his humane side begged for a miracle to save this strange girl. 13 Her muscles were stiffened from the cold void of space as she reached for a small gun in her pocket with a hook on the end. Curiosita steadies her hand as much as her shaking body will let her 12 as she aims for the wall nearest the open trash chute. She has only one shot to make, if she misses... I won’t miss. 11 She squeezes the trigger, feels the recoil knock her backwards slightly and watches with anticipation as the grappling hook darts forward. When suddenly the line goes loose and begins to drift away 10 Cursing the laws of physics as she tosses away her gun she can hear her heart thumping against her ear drums it’s the only sound in the vacuum of space that she can hear and she questions if it will be the last sound she hears. 9 She begins to wonder if she should simply leave, abandon this place and find another but then thoughts of that corpse cross her mind. How could that happen? How would such rapid deterioration occur? Why did it happen? Who did it? Why did they do it? So many questions 8 And she couldn’t leave them unanswered those questions would haunt her for years if she didn’t solve the mystery now and end this game. 7 She felt her chest tighten begging for air, she had to move faster. Reaching into her pocket again this time pulling out a small hand grenade 6 She had no idea if this would work, no idea of how an explosion would react in space but for now it was an idea, a hope, nothing more than a wish. 5 She pulled the pin holding the handle in place and for a moment it dawned on her that this was a ridiculously reckless idea, but then again so was just about everything in her life. 4 Curiosita tossed the hand grenade behind her letting it float a drift in space, the handle flying loose from the casing and moved back towards Mister Manson’s Apollo Minerals. Without the handle the striker was pushed down by the force of the spring, the impact of the striker ignited the pack causing a small spark 3 The spark set the small fuse inside alight and travelled down to the detonator. Curiosita pictured each step in her mind, she knew the insides of each of her weapons, knew how each one worked. She always knew which weapon would be best against an opponent but never did she strike with a killing blow. 2 The detonator was set off the oxidizing materials inside the grenade before igniting and shattering the casing. The shock had neither flames nor sound, but the force was enough to slam Curiosita into the wall of Apollo Minerals. She reached up to the doors of the trash chute being careful to avoid the floating debris, her arms felt hard to move as her muscles contracted trying to hold in as much warmth as possible. 1She pulled her body into the small room and reached for the emergency switch, her hands gripped against the red fighting against the pain and the pressure as she pushed off against the wall. Finally the lever gave way slamming the doors shut beside her and re-pressurizing the room. The artificial gravity kicked in throwing her aching body to the floor as she coughed and spluttered trying to force as much air into her lungs as she could, she had made it but barley. Her body was still shivering as she held her hands in front of her face trying to warm them with her breath she could see her skin had paled and her fingers had started turning blue. Curiosita chuckled slightly “Let’s see anyone else do that” she said weakly to herself and rolled over onto her stomach. She knew that to get the blood flowing she needed to use her muscles and increase her heart rate, it would warm her body. Despite the fact she really didn’t want to move right now her will triumphed over pain as she began to do a set of push ups amongst the rotting garbage.

“Will all personal report to the mess hall, repeat all per-“Professor Olivia Williams laid in her comfortably cocooned within the silk lined sheets
“What do you think it’s about?” She asked without even opening her eyes
“A fire drill” Her husband Chase Williams replied as he crawled back into the bed after turning off the loud speaker in the corner of their bedroom.
“Mister Manson like to keep us minions on our toes” He added make her snicker. He smiled as he watched her snuggle deeper into the bed, after all these years he still found her amazingly radiant. She was brilliant, everything anyone could ever desire. Smart, funny, kind, beautiful. It was a shame about her cooking though but were she lacked he was strongest. The two were complete opposites and yet that made them work, they balanced each other out perfectly in every way. Chase loved every inch of her for that and considered himself lucky to even have met her let alone marry her. She had soft pale skin and dyed blonde hair which was nearly as short as his own brunette hair, her lips were a sweet soft pink which he adored. She opened her eyes slowly and her deep brown eyes meet with his
“What? Is there something on my face?”
“Yeah” He leans forward, cupping her cheek in his warm hand before pressing his lips against hers as she welcomes them with her own. He pulls away smiling at her
“Don’t worry I got it” She can’t help but laugh at his joke as corny as it is she finds his corny jokes sweet and never tires of them, she loves that about him. She moves to embrace him when there is a loud aggressive thud against their bedroom door
“Uh oh, Ivy’s here” She says in a mocking tone as she leaves her warm blankets behind and covers herself with a black night gown. The beating continues getting louder and louder with each thump against the metal door. Olivia knows she’s in trouble for ignoring yet another fire drill but she doesn’t care, they need her here and although she would never admit it she loves the opportunity to be here.
She opens the door a crack “Ivy look it’s the mid-” Her words are stolen from her and she is left mouth a gap staring at this strange wounded woman waving a holo-disk in front of her
“What the hell is this?!”The woman screams in anger as she throws the device at Olivia’s feet
“You knew! You knew all along! All this is your fault you stupid, stupid human!” She continues to shout as Olivia slowly backs away frightened and confused. Chase leaps from the bedside and tackles the woman to the ground
“Olivia! Run!” Chase cries out as the deranged blonde woman elbows him in the face. Olivia obey her husband and races out of their small quarters, she runs towards the mess hall knowing full well that there she will find Ivy Moore the closest thing to a police officer on the station.

Curiosita’s body is still sluggish from drifting in space; her reaction time is slow this man has the upper hand but she is determined to end this. To save these people. She catches him off guard as for a brief second his eyes wander in search of a weapon, she strikes quickly a precise blow to the head and he is left on the ground unconscious. She snatches up the holo-disk it’s the only bit of evidence she has and heads for the door after Professor Olivia Williams. As she pulls the door open to Curiosita’s dismay she instead faces Chief Ivy Moore.
“Aw hell” She murmurs before Ivy pulls out her stun gun. Before Curiosita can react 600 kilovolts rush through her body, she stumbles backwards dazed, she struggles to move forward. Curiosita ends up slumped against Ivy’s stomach before the athletic woman delivers a final blow to her abdomen hurling her to the ground and clouding her vision. Her breath becomes shallow, her ears left with a high pitch ringing as her fingers claw at the ground trying to get some momentum . Ivy crushes the tanned woman’s hand beneath her boot as she leans forward closer to Curiosita’s face
“Stay down” But the girl ignores her advice she reaches into her pocket for something but Ivy doesn’t give her the chance she sends a sharp strike into the side of her face and at last the woman loses consciousness.

(See told you I'd update it at some point! But now there are so many more questions, whats with the holotape? What has Curiosita discovered? What has Olivia Williams done? Ect. Ect. As for the whole space thing I honestly don't know if any of that would work, I did a TON of research on the matter some said this would happen others said that wouldn't happen but this would so I sorta mixed it all in, though each of them seemed to agree you could survive 15 seconds in space with out a space suit)
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensonal Drifter   Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:23 am

This space stuff is awesome O_o

I'm wondering how she got to the future though.

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PostSubject: Re: Dimensonal Drifter   Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:31 pm

I shall give you a hint... It ain't the future and if all goes correctly 2 chapters from now it should be explained, sorta... I just needa stay focused and write!
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Dimensonal Drifter
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