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Tainted Soul

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PostSubject: Current Location   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:41 pm

I'm always forgetting where I'm putting my characters so I'm just gonna keep editing this everytime I move them.

Mai: @_@
Ayala: ???
Mini Death: Black Thunder base
Nexia: Enforcer's base
Takai: Enforcer's base
Madora: Bedell's hidden bunker
Velina: In Black Thunder base
Bedell: Bedell's hidden bunker
Charade: Enforcer's base
Tess: In Aeon City
Abri: Comatose in Danika's car
Danika: In her car
Shana: Walking aimlessly down a street super pissed
Eve: Looking for clues and people to help

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PostSubject: Re: Current Location   Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:21 pm

you know, this is extremely useful. I should add one.

Shade: Eating dinner with Ayala secretly trying to convert her
Magmus: sitting in a recliner in Black thunder base reading the news paper.
Shiva: Sitting in her bedroom day dreaming about how she'd love to get together with a certain someone.
Marcello: Sleeping in his room.
Hybrid: being cradled loving by Kitsune
Chimera: In the old Black Thunder Academy ( which was abandoned for reasons I'll need to look into )
Nathan: On a date with Demitri ( even if he doesn't know it yet )
Camillia: prepping for her date with Mini
Vincent: Giving a slightly insightful rant on demonic transformations to Eve
Omega: Working for M.A.C. ( he's being a double agent )
Kazz: *dead* ......... *again*
Mr.Z: *polishing his sunglasses in his epic underground lair*
Yumi: Being emo about missing Shade on some rooftop
Orphious: watching Yumi
Fiona: Watching Yumi, concerned about Chester as well.
Chester: storming through the sewers in a rage.
Desire: Shut down (temporarily) due to the explosion of the time machine.
Emillie: In therapy
Monique: I have no idea
The monster twins: Once again, no idea.

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Tainted Soul

Posts : 459
Join date : 2010-08-03
Age : 27
Location : Australia, West Australia, Perth, Kwinana

PostSubject: Re: Current Location   Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:11 pm

I need a new one of these

Curiosita: Off with Takara on an adventure as Noir and Kitsune!
Lorna: In a portal
Deception: Also in a portal
Julian: Control the aforementioned portal
Ona: In a hospital
Bryan: On his way to Tia's place for 'Coffee'
Amp: Stressing at his home
Squire: Window shopping! Very Happy
Cody: Watching over the plaster patron
Ruby: At school teaching children... Scary right?
Casey: Out the front of the Plaster Patron ready for vengeance
Kaylee: In the shower obviously to her phone
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PostSubject: Re: Current Location   

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Current Location
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