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 A bloody ending

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Tainted Soul

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PostSubject: A bloody ending   Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:55 pm

Hewro there! :3 I’ve got a bit of a confession to make, ever since Black Thunder started up again I’ve had so much fun making new characters, thinking up their lives, their loves, their deaths; all the little details that make them so much fun to write! And yet… When it comes to the actual writing part I’ve found my posts to be lacking, greatly. So to remedy that I’ve decided practice makes perfect and what better way to practice then a non-cannon ending to the original RP. I’ve had this idea rattling in my head for some time now ever since I read the comic ‘Deadpool kills the marvel universe’ I thought gosh that’d be a lot of fun to write and who better to carry it out than my favourite body snatching monstrous hell spawn, Madora!
Her empty eyes flutter open at the sound of her name, followed by the instant recognition of pain wracking her body. Madora’s clawed fingers clutch at her chest as she takes in rapid shaky breaths, her lungs feeling as if they were in a vice.
I guess I could’ve done that in a less painful way… But I suppose you haven’t been a live for some time now
There it was again. Speaking in a nonchalant tone about her, underestimating her. Her body ached from the strain of pushing herself off of the floor, her taut muscles shaking in protest as sweat ran down her pale skin. But Madora didn’t make a sound or even grimace from the pain, her pride would not allow her to show weakness. Standing on her own two feet, her eyes shifted across the area. It was darkness, pure darkness. A complete void and her she was in the centre when only a moment ago she had been standing in Bedell's bunker ready to start her plan… But now there was only darkness and
“Who are you?” She shouts out in irritation at the mischievous voice, absent mindedly clutching her ribs to help lessen her pain.
You know I’ve been thinking about that for some time and have no proper way to answer it. I suppose God is logical, but I just don’t feel comfortable with such a heavy title. I could say your Mother which is somewhat correct, but that just sounds too creepy and you already have Ona as a Mother
Madora clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth at the mention of Ona’s name, a small hint that has given the mystery voice away.
“Ona? If you know her then you then you must be one of the bastards from the Akashic field or Diyu. Only one of them could do this, but I’d recognise your voice if you were from Diyu. After all, I am their queen” A crooked smirk crept onto Madora’s lips, being queen of Diyu made her a fearful force in any realm
The voice murmured, unimpressed.
Not even close. Madora I am something you cannot comprehend, I’m your maker the controller of your life. I am the one who knows every thought in your head because I put them there. I make them so… I know you won’t believe me because I’ve made it that way. But I can prove it
A feeling of relief washed over her as the pain seemed to drain away from her body. She flexed her fingers before her, the movement was much less strenuous now, but there was another sensation. Something tickling against her shoulder blade. Reaching back she clasped the object between her finger tips, feeling a tugging against her scalp as she did so. It was a lock of hair, curled and blood red just like her first body.
I always preferred your hair like this, wild and unruly. It suits you… But after your last transformation with Nadia the design with the horns just didn’t suit. So tada! No pain and now horns, too cliché
“What do you want from me?” She spoke softly, staring at the red hair in her fingertips. A stark contrast against her pale skin. This voice, this person whatever they were held great power and certainly made a compelling argument.
I know you’re thinking of playing along only to betray me later for your own gain but since that is impossible it doesn’t matter. So I’ll cut to the chance, this part of the story has gotten boring, which is something I’ve unfortunately grown accustom to. My life is going through some big changes right now, everything will be different for me soon. And yet I feel no excitement about it, no fear no anything. I know I should, but I just don’t care about any of it. New laptop, new house, new job, hell I even finally got my driver’s licence and it bores me. It’s all so mundane and normal, no adventure here just life. But that’s where you come in. Making you do naughty things, now that’s fun! So here’s my gift too you. I will give you all the knowledge I have, I will start your world back up and in return you will go back and slaughter everyone in it… Deal?
How could she say no? Her maker was calling telling her to indulge in everything she loved… Everything she loved.
“What about Lu-“
Kill him too
“But, he could be useful! You could have him join me. It’d be so much fun!” Madora protested quickly, shouting into the void.
No, he’s not one of mine. I couldn’t do him justice… I know how you feel, you won’t ever say it but I know… I could rip it out of you, but where would the fun be in that?
“Not one of yours?”
There are three of us. We made this world long ago based on another, there use to be more but now it’s just us. Lucien belongs to another, I can show you what I know of him but not as much as I could of, oh say… Ayala. You’ll know every detail of her and those that are mine
“I… I don’t understand” Madora mutters, pressing her fingers to her lips as she tries to decipher what exactly all this means.
Alright, you don’t need to understand. Let’s just do this already… I could make it easy but like I said before, where would the fun be in that?
The force knocked her onto her knees, her fingers digging into her temples so hard that she pierced her own flesh. All of this truth writhing through her brain, people she had never met, people she would never know, people in her past, present and future all dissected into little words in forced into her mind. Tearing into the very fabric of her being, it was all too much. She felt as though she was going to break open, there simply wasn’t enough room. And then it stopped. It all made sense, her maker’s words, her world. All of this truth, she felt at peace with her mission. Standing in Bedell’s bunker again she flexed her wings, stretching them across the space of this blood stained concrete dungeon.
Get the hardest one out of the way first An echoing coo with in her mind commanded.
“Lucien” The word tumbled awkwardly from her lips. She only had to call his name and he'd return, emerging from the shadows the lithe demon stepped closer to her, his smile large enough for one of his fangs to poke over his lips.
“You changed your hair… I suppose you weren’t actually satisfied with your new body after all” He teased in a drawl tone. She began to quiver and he stopped in his tracks. Lucien regarded the woman before him, he looked at her in a state he had never seen her before, she almost looked scared.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“No! This is stupid!” She screamed like a spoilt child. Madora’s fists clenched at her side, her knuckles whitening.
“I am Madora! Queen of Diyu! Leader of M.A.C! Power of both wraith and immortal monster inside me and for me to be like this is so damn stupid!”
“…What on earth are you babbling about?!” He snaps back at her as he moves closer towards her.
“Just rip it out of me! Rip it out! I don’t care if it’s less fun! Rip it the fuck out!” The strike was swift and strong enough to graze her flesh, her mind reeling as she looked towards the dark figure with bleary eyes.
“I don’t believe this! You destroy my base and drag me around town boasting some brilliant plan only to lose your mind again!” Lucien’s words are filled with malice as he strikes her again, sickened by her weakness. He raises her fist to strike again only to find his hand motionless, pulled backwards by a shadow.
“I get it. She’s making you this way so it’s easier on me… No fun to rip it out but she knows I couldn’t do it otherwise” Madora’s silver eyes lock with his as her wounds begin to heal.
“Simply put… You’re not my Lucy” The shadows pull tighter snapping his arm backwards, pulling the joint from it’s socket. The snap echoed in the empty bunker but Lucien only allowed himself to make a small tut of anger as a sign of his pain. With his spare hand he reached forward grasping Madora’s face in his hand. His rage towards her sudden betrayal fuelled the flames on his hand as her burnt her flesh; she felt her skin begin to boil, the fat in her lips sizzle, her own meat cook and didn’t budge. She had to keep him this close, her fingers wrapped around his wrist, claws ripping into his flesh to hold him in place while the shadows tangled around his legs. The shadows yanked him backwards, flinging him forward onto his stomach. She kept hold of his wrist as he was pulled away until it finally gave way. The blood splatter stung her freshly burnt skin, this time Lucien couldn’t stop himself from screaming, his arm limp in her hands. Madora looked towards him, neither of them were in a pretty state. Her flesh slowly repairing the burns as he stood with shredded muscles clinging to his left side where his arm once was, his other arm dangled loosely at his side.
“Make this easy on me Lucien” Her voice came forth in brittle tone as she rose to her feet, moving closer to him.
“You think I’d ever go down easy?!” He slammed his right side into the wall, sending pain down his entire side before rotating his shoulder to ease the pain of reconnection. Lucien flexed his fingers, flames dancing around his fingertips before grabbing onto what remained of his left shoulder. The sound of sizzling flesh was something Madora was familiar with, but this unnerved her. She had never seen Lucien so madly clinging to life, then again this was not her Lucien. She looked at his freshly cauterised wound, even if it wasn’t bleeding it would still be a weak spot. Lunging forward she reached out towards him only to be engulfed in a sudden sea of flames. The explosion covered the room in fire, leaving her to endure the pain of burning flesh this time. Just like their battle with Vincent and Eve the day before he had made it too bright for her to use her shadows.
“I know you can heal Madora… But can you heal faster than I can burn you?” He loomed over her, constantly reigniting her body as soon as the flames showed any sign of dying. She cried out in pain, writhing on the floor and could only imagine how pitiful she must’ve looked. She threw her hands at her side and clawed into the concrete, before throwing a fistful of dust into Lucien’s eyes. He groaned and recoiled backwards, clawing at his black eyes, he felt her breath against his face before the strike. This burnt, disfigured body had plunged it’s hand into his chest, tearing through his heart.
“That…Was a cheap… Trick” He spluttered out, blood trickling down his lips as she watched her flesh slowly pull itself together.
“I know” Madora replied quietly, almost ashamed at how this had ended. She gently eased him down onto the floor and pulled her hand free.
“…I’ll… I’ll be back… I’ll… Kill you” Lucien words began to lose their anger as they quietened. Madora sat very still as she watched the life drain away from him, this was not her Lucy. It was stupid for her to feel like this. This was not the same man.
“Why didn’t you just rip it out of me?!” She screamed, burying her face into her hands. Only allowing one tear to be shed for this imposter.
Because drama is so entertaining my lost little lamb. Besides as you keep telling yourself that’s not the Lucien you love
“…Will I ever see my one again?” She begs knowing there is no point to lying about it anymore, the anguish of her loss allowing her to be honest about desire for the sly demon.
Hard to say really, probably not
Madora slowly stands to her feet, her eyes transfixed on the corpse at her feet. And then she begins to laugh, a boisterous, unsteady laugh at the thought of this man.
“My Lucy would never do this! He may be cunning and devious and constantly willing to betray those around him for his own gain but he would never never die so easily!”
I did say I couldn’t do him justice
She shakes her hands in front of her, flicking the blood on to the pavement before turning away and heading for the door.
“So who’s next?”
Hmmmm I may need help deciding that…
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PostSubject: Re: A bloody ending   Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:33 pm

god, i really missed your bloody writing.
and Madora screaming that its not her Lucy! and the wonderful fourth-wall break!
i love this
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Tainted Soul

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PostSubject: Re: A bloody ending   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:01 pm

Yay! I'm glad you like it, I think it helps me too.
Though honestly I don't know who to kill next
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PostSubject: Re: A bloody ending   Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:42 am

on my first read through, i missed the wonderful irony that Lucien was killed by a heart-rip, his signature move

how about Madora kill one of Blake's characters next?
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PostSubject: Re: A bloody ending   

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A bloody ending
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