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 Kingdom's Seed

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PostSubject: Kingdom's Seed   Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:10 am

My name is Yulwyn Harrowood and I wish to tell you my tale. It begins in the Elvish lands of Carosith in the village of Andlegwn, where I was once a young lad. It was an easy life and a joyous life, playing endless games with my young friends in the careless bliss of youth, growing up amongst the glens, grooves and deeps woods. My kind holds the deepest respect for the natural world, though perhaps the fae of Kulder can protest this claim. Among my kind I held perhaps an even deeper respect for the natural order and the sanctity of nature. Long did I marvel and continue to marvel t the beauty of our world. This Respect, no, Love of nature was the seed to one of the great changes in my life. On the seventh moon of Autumn, during the fourteenth year of the New Calender I became a Druid. This was not the end of my life's journey by a great stretch, only the beginning.

The tale I wish to tell is not the story of my youth though I may touch upon it at times. The reason for my writing is to chronicle my adulthood, though I have much life to live yet barring fortuitous events.

This is my Tale. The Tale of Yulwyn Harrowood, Arch-Druid, and Ruler of Bjoren.


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Kingdom's Seed
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